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Asperger  Syndrome Web  Ring

This Asperger's Syndrome site is owned by Shelly Cline 
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Welcome to Asperger's Syndrome Web Ring Home Page.

This web ring is for anyone who has published a web site containing
information, support, or personal experiences with Asperger Syndrome.
You must have a web site in order to be in the ring.
Here are a few requirements before submitting your site to the ring.

1. Please make sure your site does not have adult material.

2. Please keep your ring code where it can be easily found so people can continue on in the ring.  It can be on a web ring page as long as you have a link that points to where its at.

3. Your site must have information, stories, links, etc. about Asperger's and related syndrome.
Once you have filled out the form below and added the required html code please e-mail me so that I can add you to the ring.

Instructions To Join Ring Below:

Yahoo and WebRing have merged.  You will have to have an Yahoo account to join the ring.  You can use and existing Yahoo account or you can create a new Yahoo account.
If you would like to join the Aspeger's Syndrome Web Ring,
Please Click on JOIN RING.  This link will take you to Yahoo so you can submit your site to the

You can get your HTML fragment below.
Copy and paste the fragment into your HTML editor.
Once it is placed on your page, e-mail me so that I can add you to the ring. You have only two weeks to place the HTML fragment on your page, if you don't, you will be automatically removed from the queue and will have to rejoin.

 Reminder: Please have the Fragment where others can see and use it.


Copy and Paste the HTML code below on to your page...


place your id # where it says _YOUR_SITE_ID_HERE_  and place your email address where it says _YOUR_E-MAIL_HERE_ and where it says _YOUR_NAME_ place your name.

<center><table BORDER=4 COLS=1 WIDTH="397" HEIGHT="200" BGCOLOR="#66FF99">
<center><i><font color="#000000"><font size=+2>A<b>sperger&nbsp; Syndrome
Web&nbsp; Ring</b></font></font></i>
<p><i><font size=-1>This <a href="http://aspie.freeservers.com/main.html" target="_top&quot;">Asperger's
Syndrome</a> site is owned by <a href="mailto:YOUR E_MAIL">YOUR NAME
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Site</a> | <a href="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=bb1;list" TARGET="_top">List
Sites</a> ]</font></i>
<br><i><font size=-1>Click here for info on how to join the <a href="http://aspie.freeservers.com/Asperger.html" target="_top&quot;">Asperger's

What it looks like:

This Asperger's Webring site owned by YOUR_NAME.
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If you have any problems please e-mail me by clicking here!

Asperger's Syndrome made possible by 
the Webring